I offer a wide range of one off treatments and treatment programmes, each one designed around the specific needs of the client. This is a brief outline of some of the most common conditions I treat.

Man with back pain

Lower back pain

This is a condition that affects more than forty percent of us during our lifetime and has many different causes and just as many different effects on our lives. Whether it be acute (pain lasting less than six weeks), sub-chronic (six to twelve weeks) or chronic (over twelve weeks), it can be disruptive and cause huge distress to the sufferer. Depending on the underlying cause of the pain (mechanical, non-mechanical or referred), different massage techniques can be employed to relieve discomfort and aid with the associated issues back pain can bring.

Back ache massage.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

With so much of our time these days spent at desks and on computers neck and shoulder problems have become increasingly common. In many people it can lead to severe discomfort, sleep deprivation and other related problems. Massage can be used to manipulate the muscles in order to relieve some of the stress


Sports Injuries

This is a specialist area employing targeted remedial massage to help treat and alleviate the pain caused by new or old injuries brought on by more extreme physical activity.

I also offer a specialised Sports Event service which includes a personalised pre and post event treatment for people embarking on a marathon, an important competition or other physical challenge.

man with pain

Sciatica and Arthritis

These are very common conditions which can severely effect the lives of sufferers. In the case of Sciatica massage has been shown to be successful in helping the muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve to relax, thus decreasing the pressure on it.

In the case of Arthritis massage can be very beneficial in helping to alleviate any referred pain the initial condition causes as well as in the general state of mind and relaxation of the sufferer.

Man having a back massage.

General aches and pains

Everybody suffers from muscular aches and pains from time to time, be they caused by an injury or simply by the pressures of everyday life. Massage therapy can help ease the discomfort caused by minor injuries such as whiplash for example, as well as helping with muscle restoration and blood flow in situations where a client has been inactive for a period or had a cast removed.


General Relaxation

One of the most important functions of massage is not necessarily to treat a specific condition or injury but simply to help the client relax. Taking time out to unwind is a vital part of the prescription for a healthy body and mind.

One of the packages I offer is a six weekly M.O.T to keep clients ticking over physically and mentally by providing relaxation and any targeted treatment they require.