Cramps in leg calvesPeople of all ages and of any physical condition can benefit from massage.

Massage has been used throughout history and is a proven practice; from treating specific injuries to combating general aches and pains to simple relaxation, the benefits and applications are extremely wide-ranging.

Modern life can be very stressful, both for the mind and the body. These days we spend more time than ever before sitting; at desks, at computers, driving and so on, and this takes its toll on our bodies. Sometimes even the things we do to relax such as sports activities or gardening can have unwanted side effects!

I provide a personalised service that is tailored to each client’s specific needs. With treatments covering everything from lower back and shoulder issues, general aches and pains, sports massage and targeted remedial massage to general relaxation.

I offer both home visits, where I can visit a client at their address or workplace at a time convenient to them, or in-house appointments in my own treatment space located in a 250 year old stone cottage situated in Crich on the edge of the beautiful Peak District. This space has been carefully designed to be a friendly home environment in order to promote maximum relaxation and comfort for the client.

Each client will receive a detailed one to-one consultation prior to treatment, designed to ascertain their specific individual needs, the history of any condition they wish to address, the benefits they wish to get from the visit and the best treatment path or programme for them.